U.S. Foreign Service Officer Leland Lazarus on China-Caribbean relations


This week on Sinica, Kaiser and Jeremy chat with Leland Lazarus, an American diplomat stationed in Barbados. Leland is a China specialist, and the conversation focuses on the U.S. response to growing Chinese influence in the Caribbean — an area that the U.S. has long considered its backyard, and a region that is home to many of the states that still maintain diplomatic relations with the Republic of China or Taiwan.

7:41: Beijing’s diplomatic aspirations 

12:28: How China is getting involved in island economies

14:17: Sentiments in the region toward Chinese investment

23:53: Taiwanese and Chinese diplomatic recognition

34:13: COVID-19 and the impact on American and Chinese influence in the region


Jeremy: Secrets of Snakes: The Science Beyond the Myths, by David A. Steen. He can also be found on Twitter @AlongsideWild. 

Leland: The popular Chinese-language podcast Story FM, an association promoting black engagement in East Asia called the National Association for Black Engagement in Asia, and the U.S. Foreign Service — check out career options here

Kaiser: A Beijing-based folk metal band called Chǔgē 楚歌 (Songs of Chu).

This podcast was edited and produced by Kaiser Kuo and Jason MacRonald.