UCLA’s Alex Wang on where China leads and lags in climate change


In this episode, part of Sinica’s California series, Kaiser chats with Alex Wang, a professor of law at UCLA and an expert on China’s environmental law. Just back from the COP25 meeting in Madrid, Alex provides an informed and dispassionate assessment of China’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

8:26: China and the EU on climate change

21:42: Is coal making a resurgence in China? 

26:22: The carbon impact of the Belt and Road Initiative

30:15: How California collaborates with China on climate change

39:21: Predictions for the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference


Alex: The report Accelerating the low carbon transition, by David G. Victor, Frank W. Geels, and Simon Sharpe, and The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate, by Andrew Dressler.

Kaiser: The Netflix miniseries Trotsky, available with subtitles in English.

This podcast was edited and produced by Kaiser Kuo and Jason MacRonald.