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Strangers in China features voices from the edges of an emergent new China. We talk to people with unique perspectives on Chinese society: dissident voices, queer voices, marginalized voices. Some belong to those who push boundaries creatively, while others are just fighting to be seen. All are uniquely Chinese. All too often, stories about China fail to navigate the many nuances of Chinese society, and overlook those who think or live differently. We’re here to listen closely and illuminate their stories.
ABOUT THE HOST: When Clay Baldo is not working on Strangers in China, he's probably leading walking tours in Shanghai. He's a proud roller skater, avid comic book reader, mediocre singer, and a casual philosophy/history reader. He spends most of his time in either a recording studio or a cafe obsessing over audio minutia.

Chapter Three: Ashley

Ashley is a Shanghainese videographer and activist for LGBTQ rights. She explains how traditional and queer lifestyles clash in contemporary…

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Chapter Two: The Calm Before the Storm

Storm Xu is a comedian and the owner of a local comedy club. One of the very few comics who…

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Chapter One: Rotten Girls

For Lily, a professional 32-year-old woman living in Shanghai, navigating the divide between the expectations of her family deep in…

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