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Apple removes Hong Kong police-tracking app after complaints from China

After two initial rejections and a hard-earned approval,, a crowdsourcing mapping app that Hong Kong protesters used for its…

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To earn points on China’s little red app, I downloaded a cheat tool from GitHub

It’s only been less than two months since the release of Xuéxí Qiángguó — 学习强国, i.e., “study to strengthen the…

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China Business Corner: Introducing Yinyu, the virtual KTV app whose users are singing up a storm

Happy New Year and best wishes from China Business Corner! We’re a weekly window into Chinese-language coverage of business, technology, and…

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Alibaba expected to rake in record $20 billion in Singles’ Day sales this Friday

On Singles’ Day last year, held on November 11 and “featuring awkward appearances from James Bond and Frank Underwood,” Alibaba…

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