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Rampant sexist job ads in China ‘do not reflect our values,’ say apologetic tech companies

On April 23, Human Rights Watch released a bombshell report exposing widespread sexism in job ads from…

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Hole in the wall 2.0: How China’s food delivery industry is changing the restaurant business

Ever wonder why ordering takeout is so cheap in China? While Alibaba and Tencent jostle for dominance…

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Sinica Podcast: Inside China’s AI revolution, with Jessi Hempel

This week’s Sinica Podcast is now live. Listen to it here. China is a world leader in artificial intelligence…

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News roundup: Tencent sues China’s trademark authority

TODAY’S TOP STORIES Tencent sues Chinese authorities for denying a signature sound’s trademark Observers of intellectual property protection in China have long…

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