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Yu Bao on data protection, blockchain, and the role of Shenzhen in China

Yu Bao, a member of the UNESCAP Task Force on Digital Economy, has more than 15 years of experience…

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(Ended) Women’s Network Series: March 12, blockchain technology and its development

Catherine Li, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ChainDD, will…

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Donna Dillenberger on blockchain technology in China

The 2008 baby formula scandal that sickened 300,000 babies and resulted in six premature deaths raised concerns about China’s…

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Blockchain in China: Local is everything

City governments in China have invested $3.57 billion since 2016 to support blockchain startups and R&D. Here’s a…

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A censor for the Internet of Things?

My curiosity was piqued this morning by a headline on CoinDesk, a website that reports on Bitcoin,…

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