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A modern myth — and a story of modern China

The “hidden character stone” in Guizhou — a prehistoric tribute to the Chinese Communist Party, so the story goes —…

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‘Communism is a faith’

90 million people are officially members of the Chinese Communist Party. Why have they chosen to take the pledge? And…

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The Communist Party’s ghosts

All the world is on the verge of flames today, but the top story on Xinhua News Agency’s Chinese website…

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Chinese Communist Party influence ops: Real threat or imaginary reds under beds?

An all-star group of China scholars, including Anne-Marie Brady, Orville Schell, Bonnie Glaser, John Pomfret, and Ezra Vogel, has written…

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New Party rules to govern members’ online behavior

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is set to implement some new regulations for its members to monitor how they behave…

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When a typo is no laughing matter

David Bandurski discusses the dangers of editing mistakes in Chinese media.

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