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China pumps the brakes on U.S. dealmaking after Trump win

Chinese companies looking to do deals in the U.S. are being advised by lawyers and bankers to take a “wait…

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China tries to make sense of Donald Trump

"There’s a great deal to be worried about, and yet one hopes that, as pugnacious and vindictive as Trump is,…

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Chinese official advocates stronger relationship with U.S. under Trump

"Analysts say Chinese leaders are looking for a more transactional relationship, one that doesn’t delve into human rights and stays…

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News roundup: Would China win a trade war with the U.S.?

Top China news for November 11, 2016. Get this daily digest delivered to your inbox by signing up at

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Opinion: Who wins a trade war? China

While “Trump will cause some disruption in the short term,” the “nationalist upsurge he’s inspired will ultimately serve China’s, not…

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News roundup: How complicated are U.S.-China relations about to get?

Top China news for November 10, 2016. Get this daily digest delivered to your inbox by signing up at

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Climate activists now hope Trump was just joking about that whole China thing

The next American president has called climate change a Chinese deception and a “hoax,” and global leaders are wondering if…

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Opinion: China can become a better hedge against U.S. risk

"The election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president opens the door for greater Chinese influence in Asia at…

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Beijing to the U.S.: Your democracy is broken, please don’t change a thing

Among the reactions from Chinese officials and state media to Trump’s victory, a call for stability is a resounding theme,…

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What does Trump’s victory mean for U.S.-China relations?

Isaac Stone Fish, a senior fellow at the Asia Society, chats with Kaiser about support for Trump in China and…

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News roundup: Did China just ‘win’ the U.S. election?

Top China news for November 9, 2016. Get this daily digest delivered to your inbox by signing up at

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Opinion: In Trump win, China hopes for U.S. retreat

"Trump’s ascendancy to the White House delivers the sharpest blow yet to the forces of globalization that propelled China’s rise,"…

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China’s Xi tells Trump two countries must promote non-conflict, cooperation

"I place great importance on the China-U.S. relationship, and look forward to working with you to uphold the principles of…

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For China, Trump win creates uncertainty, opportunity

"Beijing tends to prefer incumbent party successors with consistent policy lines. Trump's lack of a governance track record and his…

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Voters take note: China’s trade surplus with U.S. is shrinking

Chinese exports have fallen for the seventh month in a row, and its year-to-date trade surplus with the U.S. has…

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