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Marriott hack — was it China?

Reuters reports that the Marriott hotel group “said last week that a hack that began four years ago had exposed…

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China’s alleged supply chain hack: Explaining the controversy around Bloomberg’s ‘Big Hack’ reporting

The smoking gun may be out there, or Bloomberg may be chasing ghosts. Either way, the damage is already done.…

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Experts doubt Chinese chip-hacking story

Last week, Bloomberg Businessweek wrote a bombshell report alleging that U.S. federal investigators had found sabotaged hardware built in China…

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Did China successfully hack hardware at the CIA, Apple, Amazon, and nearly 30 major American companies?

If this bombshell report in Bloomberg Businessweek (porous paywall) is true, then China has pulled off a feat of hacking so…

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1.9 million user accounts hacked at recruitment website 51Job

Private data of more than 1.9 million users of 51Job.com, one of the largest recruitment platforms in China, were reportedly…

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Book Excerpt: ‘The Hacked World Order’ by Adam Segal

The first chapter of a new book by Adam Segal, who joined Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn on the June…

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