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HNA’s chairman, Wang Jian, falls to accidental death in France

Wang Jian 王健, the chairman of HNA (formerly Hainan Airlines), one…

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Can anything stop ‘Gray rhino’ HNA’s overseas spending spree?

Faced with falling bond prices and unwillingness by foreign banks to do business with it, HNA this week sought…

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HNA to invest in ecommerce? – China’s latest top news

HNA to invest in ecommerce? HNA, the Chinese conglomerate that began as an airline based in the island province…

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Gray Rhino Blues

A “gray rhino” is a lumbering, outsize beast representing potential danger and that oughtn’t be ignored — but alas,…

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Acquisitive Chinese company HNA discloses new ownership

Bloomberg reports, “Bank of America Merrill Lynch has told investment bankers to stop working on transactions…

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No more easy money for six big companies

No more easy money for six big spenders In November 2016, China’s foreign exchange reserves dropped below US$3 trillion. Here…

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