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After NBA affair, Silicon Valley turns against China

The NBA kerfuffle seems to have been a turning point in Corporate America, at least in the tech sector. Shelly…

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The Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, Episode 100

On this 100th episode of the Caixin-Sinica Business Brief: The trade deal that will pause the U.S.-China trade war, the…

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‘We’ll grind you up and crush your bones’: Tough talk from China’s leader

A tweet from Chinese nationalist rag Global Times:

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Apple removes Hong Kong police-tracking app after complaints from China

After two initial rejections and a hard-earned approval, HKmap.live, a crowdsourcing mapping app that Hong Kong protesters used for its…

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NBA stands firm as CCTV cuts preseason broadcasts and brands flee

Two days after the NBA groveled to Chinese fans over a tweet by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey that supported Hong…

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Hong Kong invokes emergency powers

Photo credit: SupChina illustration As crowds enthusiastically cheered the grand parade in Beijing on October 1, widespread chaos gripped Hong…

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NBA grovels for Chinese forgiveness after ‘erroneous comments on Hong Kong’ by Houston Rockets GM

Photo credit: SupChina illustration. Chinese basketball superstar Yáo Míng 姚明 played on the Houston Rockets from 2002 to 2011. Over…

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Everyone is jumping on Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s Hong Kong tweet

On Friday, Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted an image that read, “Fight for Freedom. Stand…

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Will Hong Kong invoke emergency powers?

Local Hong Kong media have indicated that the city government is considering invoking emergency powers not used in over 50…

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Mainland college student in Hong Kong claims on-campus harassment over Chinese national flag in dorm room

This year’s October 1, or Chinese National Day, is a day that will be forever remembered in history. To mark…

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Hong Kong: 18-year-old shot by police in stable condition

Tsang Chi-kin, the 18-year-old student of Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College who was shot in the chest on…

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Hong Kong protester shot by police amid citywide chaos

As Beijing held festivities for the 70th anniversary of the P.R.C., Hong Kong protesters held what they called a “day…

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LIHKG and Telegram: The software powering protests in Hong Kong

Maciej Cegłowski is the proprietor of Pinboard, a website bookmarking service, and also one of the more perspicacious commenters on contemporary…

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Eight PR firms decline to work with Hong Kong government

Has the Hong Kong government damaged its image beyond repair? Public relations firms — professional image-repairers — seem to think…

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What to do when you get tear gassed in Hong Kong

Photo: Kin Cheung, AP In media industry jargon, “service journalism” refers to useful information provided to make the reader’s daily life…

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