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Sinica extra: Q&A with Rachel Stern on the scholarly appeal of China’s legal system, the nation’s crackdown on lawyers and U.S. litigiousness

Jeremy: A cynic might joke that studying Chinese law and legal processes is in some ways like living in…

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Sinica extra: Q&A with Ma Tianjie on toxic heavy metals, bourgeois culture and more

Ma Tianjie is the blogger behind Chublic Opinion, editor of the environmental website

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Q&A with Zing Bai, the founder of a New York restaurant who wants to take her ‘awesome’ fried rice across the U.S.

Last summer, Haijing “Zing” Bai’s parents in Beijing had no idea their daughter had quit her law firm…

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Q&A with Hao Wu, documentary filmmaker trying to understand China’s changes

In 2011, Hao Wu gave up a successful career as a top executive in the Chinese Internet industry to…

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Q&A with Shen Wei, visual and performing artist from two cultural worlds whose work appeared in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

The choreographer and artist Shen Wei is perhaps best known to audiences around the world for his work that…

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Q&A with Leroy Chiao, first Asian-American and ethnic Chinese spacewalker and mission commander

The first time Leroy Chiao left Earth’s atmosphere, he made sure three important objects joined him on the…

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