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Kuora: How China’s perception of Westerners has changed

Today we’re highlighting one of Kaiser’s recent answers on Quora, originally posted on December 29, 2017:   Why do many…

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Kuora: ABCs for first-time ABC China visitors

Before moving to North Carolina, Kaiser lived in Beijing for 20 years — he played in rock bands and…

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Kuora: The ‘average’ Chinese person

The “average Chinese” has never played in a rock band or been a Quora Top Writer five years running….

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Kuora: The contradictory truths of continuity and change

Kaiser Kuo is a China-watching rock star. He’s the one in the stupid hat in the picture above. He…

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Introducing: Kuora, a weekly column starring Kaiser Kuo

Editor’s Note: Readers of this site know Kaiser Kuo — the name, if not the voice; the legend, if…

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