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Of cell phones and seed prices: The Chinese legal system in theory and practice

This week on ChinaEconTalk, Jordan speaks with Donald Clarke, a specialist in Chinese law and the David Weaver Research Professor…

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Reports of domestic violence drop in Hangzhou

Today marks the third anniversary of China’s implementation of its landmark Anti-Domestic Violence Law. Earlier this week, Hangzhou, the capital…

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The future of affirmative action and Chinese-American applications to elite universities

Are more Chinese Americans about to gain admission to elite universities in the U.S.? Here’s what you need to know…

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Domestic violence in China and the limitations of law

China’s Domestic Violence Law of 2016 was celebrated as a victory for women’s rights. But two years later, its shortcomings…

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Sinica Podcast: Courts & torts: Driving the Chinese legal system

This week’s Sinica Podcast is now live: listen to it now! “Having read hundreds and hundreds of these cases, I…

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The laws that prompt motorists to kill injured accident victims

On October 13, 2011, a vehicle knocked down two-year-old Wang Yue 王悦 on a narrow street in Foshan, Guangdong Province.…

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Suing the homophobia out of China’s textbooks

Although China officially removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders in 2001, homophobia remains a big problem throughout the…

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China’s first man-on-man rape conviction

CORRECTION: As we have noted here, the legal term “rape” still does not apply to male-on-male encounters according to law…

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A draft law for the world’s largest online market

Top China news for December 19, 2016. Get this daily digest delivered to your inbox by signing up at

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Sinica extra: Q&A with Rachel Stern on the scholarly appeal of China’s legal system, the nation’s crackdown on lawyers and U.S. litigiousness

Rachel Stern, a law professor, author and guest on the October 20 Sinica podcast, joins Jeremy Goldkorn for a supplementary…

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Michael Manning’s Beijing jail diary

The Sinica Podcast interviewed Michael Manning about his time incarcerated in China. Here, we publish the diary he wrote in…

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