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May Fourth

Two views of the May Fourth Movement

The May Fourth Movement (五四运动 wǔsì yùndòng), named after student demonstrations in Beijing on May 4, 1919,…

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1919 to 2019: A century of youth protest and ideological conflict around May 4

Xi Jinping heads a party born out of a youth movement, and he’s now determined to stamp…

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The SupChina Quiz: The May Fourth Movement

It’s the last Thursday of the month, which means it’s quiz time! Last month was a quiz about

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Protesting in the name of science: The legacy of China’s May Fourth Movement

A hundred years after the rally for “Mr. Science” and “Mr. Democracy,” can the pursuit of…

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Kuora: Commemorating May Fourth, that most underrated of Chinese movements

Arguably one of China’s most important anniversaries is this week: May 4, marking that day in 1919 when thousands…

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Chinese cosmocrats — from mission control to the governor’s office

  Rocket men for the government During the first 30 years of “reform and opening up” (1978–2008), China’s government was…

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