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Self-defense or murder? A heated debate over the killing of a BMW driver by a cyclist in China

Road rage cost a man his life. And it was his own knife that did him in. Surveillance…

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Public outrage at Didi boils over with second passenger killing

Didi Chuxing, China’s biggest ride-hailing company, is in hot water again. Over the weekend, the public’s outrage over its…

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Didi reeling amid public anger after second female passenger murdered in three months

Over the weekend, the reported rape and murder of a Didi Chuxing passenger — the second such incident in…

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Pakistani student stabbed to death by Chinese motorist in Nanjing

A 26-year-old Pakistani student at Nanjing Normal University, identified…

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Safety tips are the last thing that Chinese women need after the Didi murder case

Li Mingzhu 李明珠 was a 21-year-old flight attendant who was reportedly raped and murdered on May…

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Police hunt for Didi driver suspected of raping and murdering a female passenger

Police in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, are searching for a Didi driver named Liu Zhenhua 刘镇华, who abandoned his car…

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