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‘No respect for history’: People’s Daily lambastes parodies of patriotic song ‘Yellow River Cantata’

Chinese state media People’s Daily published an op-ed on Monday condemning parodies of Yellow River Cantata (黄河大合唱…

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Report: China to ban tattoos and ‘hip-hop culture’ from TV shows

Rapper GAI on I Want to Go to the Spring Gala

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The fate of music festivals in China’s current era of cultural nationalism

Ten years ago, the first large outdoor music festivals in China were built with jerry-rigged stages and borrowed sound…

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Can pop music connect teens in China with the world? co-founder Louis Yang wants to find out

The ability of social media platforms to cross China’s Great Firewall has been limited, regardless of whether they…

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A Chinese master of Chopin

Li Yundi, or just Yundi, as he’s now known, is one of China’s foremost pianists and arguably the…

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Sinica backgrounder: Musicians Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn

At the age of five, Wu Fei began learning to play the guzheng, a traditional…

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