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The Highest Exam

The gaokao is the most formidable test in the world. Literally…

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My science has no nationality

For Chinese scientists who immigrated to the U.S., where do their hearts and bodies belong?…

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Protesting in the name of science: The legacy of China’s May Fourth Movement

A hundred years after the rally for “Mr. Science” and “Mr. Democracy,” can the pursuit of…

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Thicker than blood

For a young Chinese woman, pursuing a career in the physical sciences implies defying societal expectations of…

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The Chinese scientist and the foreign tongue

For generations of Chinese scientists, the cultivating of a foreign tongue was not only a tool…

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For science, or the ‘motherland’? The dilemma facing China’s brightest minds

Pictured: Tsung-Dao Lee (left) and Chen Ning Yang (right) The fathers of modern Chinese physics survived…

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