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Dating website for sugar daddies and ‘sweethearts’ gains popularity in China

Seeking Arrangement, an American dating website dedicated…

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I was asked to teach English at a Chinese orgy

Our story last month about swinging in China reminded reader Justin Mitchell of a similar experience he had…

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Polyamory in the PRC: A brief history of sex and swinging in modern China

Article 301 of China’s 1997 Criminal Law bans “group licentiousness,” and has been used in the past to bust would-be swingers….

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In China, more educated women have less sex

In a recent interview (in Chinese) with Renwu magazine, Pan Suiming…

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The Guangzhou Sex Festival: ‘Where is the sex?’

This story originally appeared on October 16, 2012, on, with the headline “Guys and Sex Dolls — Scenes…

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