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Weekly Briefing: Tariff Man with no plan; Hong Kong; social credit — has the West got it wrong?

Hello, readers! The SupChina Weekly Briefing details the most important China news from the past week. It also comes in…

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Social credit system: Dystopian nightmare or mundane regulatory law?

Scholar of Chinese law Jeremy Daum has been on a one-man mission to demystify China’s social credit system. His rage…

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CSL update: Guangzhou Evergrande’s kit troubles, Guizhou Hengfeng’s desperation

The China Sports Column is a SupChina weekly feature in which China Sports Insider Mark Dreyer looks at the week that was in the…

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China’s central bank hits pause on Tencent Credit

A written agreement of some kind between the Vatican and China on the appointment of bishops could be signed in…

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Tencent launches a social credit system similar to Alibaba’s

Tencent has released a new product, Tencent Credit (腾讯信用 téngxùn xìnyòng), that will compete with Alibaba’s Sesame Credit (芝麻信用 zhīma xìnyòng), the current…

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The excesses of China’s social credit system

Invasions of privacy and a blacklist for small or subjective infractions are making many question the integrity of a system…

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