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Insurance fraud and suicide: A Shakespearean tragedy in Hunan

A man in Hunan Province faked his own death in…

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Sexual harassment case aftermath: The depressing tale of Somebody Li from Gansu

On June 20 in Qingyang, Gansu Province, a 19-year-old female student surnamed Li 李 jumped to her death after…

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Peking University student to school: Stop trying to gag me on rape case!

Peking University (PKU) authorities are reportedly trying to silence Yue Xin 岳昕, a student who is demanding full disclosure…

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Nanjing University professor suspended over sexual misconduct 20 years after his student’s suicide

Shen Yang 沈阳, a Nanjing University literature professor, has been accused…

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Graduate student’s suicide raises questions about the professor-student power dynamic on Chinese campuses

The suicide of a graduate student at the Wuhan…

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The suicide of a doctoral student

Yang Baode 杨宝德, a Ph.D. student at Xi’an Jiaotong University, went…

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