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The first ‘pure’ traditional Chinese medicine hospital opens in Shenzhen

A specialized traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospital, which is calling itself China’s first “pure” TCM medical facility, has opened…

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China makes rhino horn and tiger teeth legal to trade for Chinese medicine

Agence France-Presse reports: China on Monday announced it was authorising…

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Sinica Podcast: Introducing TechBuzz China by Pandaily, plus Joanna Chiu on Hong Kong’s illicit wildlife trade

This week’s Sinica Podcast is now live: Listen to it now! Big news: The Sinica Podcast network is…

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China’s national medical hotline apologizes on Weibo for discrediting donkey-hide gelatin

National Health 12320, the official Weibo account of China’s medical hotline…

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Shandong imposes traditional Chinese medicine quotas on hospital prescriptions

Despite growing skepticism about the efficiency of traditional Chinese…

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In Shanghai, a modern twist on a traditional therapy: acupuncture for pets

SHANGHAI — After suffering a herniated disc, King Kong, a two-year-old French bulldog, was unable to walk or properly…

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