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Kuora: Censorship of American tech companies in China, and the question of reciprocity

This week’s column comes from one of Kaiser’s answers originally posted to Quora on January 25, 2018:

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Kuora: Should Silicon Valley embrace China’s ‘996’ work ethic?

Mike Moritz, a venture capitalist and journalist, wrote an editorial in the Financial Times on January 18 titled…

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China should stop exaggerating its technological advancements, says state-owned newspaper editor

From homegrown smartphone brands to high-speed rail, China’s desire to be a world leader in technology is no secret….

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A fake post purportedly from Tencent’s CEO fooled everyone, including Tencent

A WeChat story criticizing tech giant Tencent for “losing its dream” went viral on social media in China over…

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Why Chinese companies crush Western tech giants in China

Disclaimer: The following views are mine and not my employer Microsoft’s. While reading the news, I regularly come across…

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Top four tech highlights in 2017

From the frenzied bike-sharing industry to the ever-expanding transportation sector, 2017 was a fruitful year for China. Here’s our…

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