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Re-education camps in China’s ‘no-rights zone’ for Muslims: What everyone needs to know

Adem yoq — “Everybody’s gone.”  A human rights atrocity is unfolding in western China, where the “entire…

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Sinica Podcast: Gerry Shih on China’s Uyghur Muslims, under pressure at home and abroad

This week’s Sinica is now live. Listen to it here. Associated Press (AP) reporter Gerry Shih was hard at work in 2017…

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Uyghurs in Syria want revenge, not holy war?

Are China’s Uyghurs involved in global jihadi terrorism? The question is…

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Where does Chinese Islamophobia come from?

I am sitting with a small group of Chinese and Westerners on the dried-out grass in Beijing’s Chaoyang…

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