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‘Christopher Robin’ denied release in China because of…Winnie the Pooh?

Last week, Disney’s Christopher Robin was reported to have been denied a theatrical release in China, the…

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‘Find the thing you love and stick with it’: Xi Jinping and the perfect meme

The Communist Party of China Central Committee proposed to remove the expression that the President and Vice-President of the People's Republic of China "shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" from the country's Constitution — China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 25, 2018 Chinese internet users, being internet users, had a bit…

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Chongqing Party boss under investigation as President Xi’s allies rise

  Chongqing Party boss under investigation The Communist Party has placed “a senior official once seen as a possible successor…

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What did Winnie the Pooh do wrong in China?

Winnie the Pooh is not welcome on Chinese social media! Comparisons between President Xi Jinping…

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